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Notes: The following important notes are applicable if Return of Premium Option is taken under Major Critical illness Cover:

Guranteed Maturity Benefit Is Payable upon survival of the Life Insured till the end of the Policy Term without any claim having made, while the policy is in-force.

The maturity benefit applicable is return of premium, excluding Goods and Services & applicable cess (es)/other levy and Underwriting Extra Premium, if any but including modal loading, if any.

This is a traditional plan intended for long term protection. If premiums are discontinued after paying atleast 3 years' consecutive premiums then the policy will acquire a Paid-up value. You will receive this Paid-up value on first Diagnosis with a Major Critical illness or upon undergoing first performance of any of the listed Surgeries in relation to a Major Critical illness or on maturity, provided you have not surrendered or revived policy.

The policy shall acquire a lapse state if you fail to pay due premium within the grace period in the first 3 policy years. In such case your policy will lapse at the expiry of the grace period and the insurance cover will cease immediately. No benefit shall be payable upon the occurrence of the insured event or upon your request for termination of the policy or on the expiry of the revival period.

Your policy will acquire a guaranteed surrender value (GSV) after payment of premiums for at least first 3 consecutive policy Years. However, the Company may offer a special surrender value (SSV), and higher of {GSV or SSV} will be paid on surrender. The Illustration above only shows the minimum guaranteed amount payable on surrender of the policy.

Minimum guaranteed amount payable on surrender is payable at the end of the policy year.

No surrender value shall be payable if any claim has been made under this cover.

Disclaimers :

The premium calculated above is based on the data provided by you.

This is an individual non-linked, non-participating fixed benefit health insurance plan.

The above premium is for a healthy individual. Your application will be assessed as per Board approved underwriting guidelines of the company. Basis underwriting, it may result in an extra premium to be paid, which shall be borne by you.

Issuance of the policy and acceptance of the risk is completely at the discretion of the Canara HSBC Life Insurance Company Limited ("Company") and this premium quotation would in no way be tantamount to acceptance of risk by the Company.

If Monthly Income Option is opted for, there is an additional benefit of 1% of initial Sum Assured payable every month for 5 years (i.e. 60 months) following the date of diagnosis of a Major Heart / Cancer condition / Major Critical illness (as applicable). This monthly income payment is over and above the lump-sum payment made on diagnosis of the illness/ condition, and is continued to be paid to your Nominee for the total defined period of 5 years, even in case of your unfortunate death.

Premiums payable and benefits receivable under this plan are eligible for tax benefits as per the prevailing tax laws subject to amendments from time to time.

The above illustration/quotation takes into account currently applicable Goods and Services Tax & applicable cess (es)/other levy, if any. However, the applicable taxes may change from time to time and premium payable will change accordingly.

I have read and understood the product features published by Canara HSBC Life Insurance Company Limited and based on my independent assessment of the features of the product and the risk factors involved therein, I consider this insurance product suitable for my protection need.

I agree that even if my contact number is registered with NDNC/NCPR, I would still want the Company to contact me on the given number and email ID for the clarifications/ product information sought by me.

For more details on product features, risk factors & terms and conditions, please read sales brochure or sample policy contract carefully before concluding a sale.

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